House for Sale           Character Descriptions

House for Sale Character Descriptions

Primary RolesGlen (Age 60+): A stubborn and independent widower. He does not wish to move from his marital home. Helen (Age 30-45): Glen’s only child who is worried about her father living alone. Max (Age 60+): Glen’s best friend next door. Has a zest for living. Secondary RolesGoodsell (Age 40+): the realtor. (Gender flexible) Gary/Grace (Early 20s): Grocery delivery person. (Gender flexible) Faye (Age 60+): Glen’s wife. (Dream Sequence) Tertiary RolesKate (Early 20s): Cute, bubbly, talkative. Roommate applicant. Chuck (Age 25-40): Married, tired, just off of work. Roommate applicant. Fanny (Age 50+): Comes on strong. Roommate applicant. Sylvia (Age 60+): Direct and to the point. Roommate applicant. Apostle (Age 25+): Easily distracted from their mission. (Gender flexible) Also looking for behind the scenes help: Assistant DirectorStage ManagerProducerProps and SetsSponsorships Auditions
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