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We are living in unprecedented times, and while the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been devastating on all facets of our society, for the arts community, it has been crippling.

ICHTHYS Theatre Productions has been a staple in the Brantford arts community for over two decades. We had planned to produce three great shows in 2020 in celebration of our 20th anniversary but unfortunately our plans were thwarted. We shifted gears to keep active by producing four online radio style plays. This has allowed a number of actors to stay engaged, and entertained about 1700 viewers. Although these were interesting and fun experiences, the revenue stream was a trickle.

We are a small, not for profit community theatre, but even a small company has some fixed administrative expenses. To meet our basic obligations, we apply for grants but unfortunately these are not guaranteed and do not cover all expenses. In a time where the arts and entertainment have kept us sane, we encourage you to Support Local.

If we can keep our basic expenses covered and fundraise to mount a live show when times are better, we will be most thankful. Part of that fundraising is this letter of request. Any amount is welcomed with our deep gratitude.

We hope and pray that someday, hopefully the Fall of 2021, we will again be able to provide actors, directors, stage managers and crews the means to hone their craft, and bring our patrons joy, laughter and a sense of well-being through the entertainment of live theatre. In the interim, we will continue to mount low-cost online performances and audio shows for our community. Our tentative 2021 season is available on our website

Donations of over $20 will be acknowledged with a tax receipt.

Cheques may be forwarded to our mailing address:
56 Admiral Rd., Brantford, ON N3R 1L6

Online donations may be made through our ticketing agency, OnStage Direct.

Thank you so much for considering supporting local community theatre in Brantford. Please visit our Facebook page and website frequently for up-to-date news of our activities, and request our e- newsletter, Stage Notes.


ICHTHYS Theatre Productions